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I have tried to compile some of the most useful information from other websites, blogs, and such for use by founders, startups, and other companies (these are links to external websites, no warranties are made as to their contents, use of these sites is subject to the site’s terms and conditions of use).  If anyone has others to add, please feel free to comment or email.  Remember that any advice provided or sample forms are for educational purposes only.  You should consult with a local licensed or qualified individual (attorney, tax advisor, business consultant, broker, CPA, governmental agency) to review your specific situation to be sure the advice or forms provided are suitable for your needs and what changes need to be made to tailor them to your specific facts.

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Hacker Dojo

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The Hub

Citizen Space


The Office of Silicon Valley

Startup legal resources/articles & General Startup Advice:

Quora list of articles & questions related to term sheets:

Antone Johnson’s blog & resources:

Founder’s Space articles:

Securities Lawyer Deskbook resources:

Yoichiro Taku’s website with articles & resources:

Brad Feld’s resources:

Venture Hacks articles:

Angel Investing articles & blog:

Dave McClure blog:

Contract forms & management:

Open source documents:

Series Seed Documents:

Matt Bartus Legal Blog & Resources:

Legal forms & documents:

Chris Dixon Blog & Resources:

VC Funding docs & resources:

Orrick Startup Forms:

National Venture Council Association model legal documents:

WSGR Term Sheet Generator:

Orrick Term Sheet Generator:

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