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No Foreclosure Moratorium

Beware of the news in the last several months about lenders or the state instituting a halt on foreclosures! Although California has passed new legislation to delay potential foreclosures, the banks are moving forward at record speed with trustee sales that may not be legal. There are new procedural requirements under California Civil Code Section 2923.5, as well as the duties places upon loan servicing companies under Section 2923.6 to maximize net present value.

Many banks will not postpone a trustee sale to work with homeowners if it is within a few weeks of the trustee sale date, especially if they have postponed the sale one or more times in the past. You need to act quickly to prevent the trustee selling your home. Our firm goes to court to obtain a judge’s order to stop the trustee sale, but we need ample time to prepare the necessary paperwork, get a judge to sign the order, and serve the trustee with the order prior to the sale.

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