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Loan Mod Delays – Trial Plans

Many homeowners have been put into what the banks call trial plans or forbearance plans. They are usually setup as a 3 month trial plan under the HAMP program; however, most homeowners end up being told to keep paying months after the initial 3 months. Remember that banks are under no obligation to provide final loan modifications. They may be doing certain unfair business practices, fraud, or other misdeeds in their interactions with you, but without taking them to court, homeowners will have no real way to put any pressure on the lender or servicing company.

Often times a bankruptcy filing is also another way to save the home and put pressure on the lender to work something out; however, the legislation that would have given judges the power to force modifications was defeated this last summer, so they don’t have cram down powers at this point.

Our office can review your situation to determine if you have enough evidence to support filing a lawsuit against the lender or servicing company or if a bankruptcy filing would benefit you and help save your home.

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