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Lenders Pay Cash For You To Leave Your Home

Many homeowners are unaware of the options that they may have when they are delinquent on their home loan. They hear about loan modifications and think that this will automatically save their home and is the only option they have. Many homeowners simply let the bank foreclose and simply walk away from their home. You should always know all your rights before making any decisions!!

Depending upon where you are at in the foreclosure stage, your lender may have a financial interest in you leaving your home quietly and quickly. Often lenders who see homeowners that are over 9 months delinquent or who have tried to do a loan modification and failed decide that they are simply going to move forward with foreclosure. They take into account many factors, but keeping a good person in their home they have lived in for 30 years is not one of them. It all comes down to the profit and loss, the almighty dollar!

Even in non-judicial foreclosure, which, here in California is a trustee sale of property, the bank has to incur substantial costs and time delays to foreclose. The lender looks at the costs and is often willing to pay cash to get a deed in lieu of foreclosure. This simply means that you agree to turn over the home to the bank and walk away at a certain time. This saves the lender the costs of paying the trustee to send notices, schedule the sale, attend the sale, transfer a trust deed, and then go to court to evict the homeowner. Even if your lender has taken title at a trustee sale and are entitled to immediate possession, they cannot simply go in and change the locks to force you out. If you occupy and are still in possession of the house, they have to serve you with a notice to quit and then go to court to get a court order to get you out. The lenders will often pay what is called “cash for keys” to avoid hiring attorneys and going to court to force you out.

Often the right negotiations and key pieces of leverage can get homeowners thousands of dollars from the lender that can help them start a new life.

We handle these types of cases and can assist you in obtaining the best possible remedy for your situation.

The information contained above is informational only and only discussed California law, you should consult an attorney in your state to evaluate all your legal options.

Chris Barsness, Esq.