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Credit Repair After Bankruptcy – Steps To Take

Even after one files bankruptcy, there are still steps that need to be taken to improve your credit score.

1) Be sure to check with credit agencies after filing. Many people are scared to look at their credit report after filing, but you should several months after filing or discharge to be sure everything is accurate. You want to be sure the bankruptcy is listed and any discharged debt doesn’t show as anything more than a bankruptcy filing.

More can be found at this article below:

RT @NYDailyNews: There is life after bankruptcy

2) Make attempts to obtain credit after discharge. You can get secured credit cards by applying for that specific type of card. You simply give collateral, such as equity in a car or cash, to show the creditor they have something of value to collect if you don’t pay.

3) Any debts not discharged or incurred after filing must be paid on time. Don’t think that “oh well, my credit is shot anyway.” If you make all your payments on time after filing, you can be on the road to financial recovery.

Chris Barsness