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Attorneys interested in structuring Reg A or Jobs Act investments for tech startups on Quora?

Chris Barsness,

startup, finance, law, and tech nerd

Not quite sure based upon your question what you are looking for to be done, but the JOBS Act has yet to be implemented.  Until we know the rules set by the SEC in the next several months, it is hard to know for sure how to deal with the new legislation or structure transactions based upon what may be the rules down the road.

This type of work is handled by securities lawyers.  You usually should find one licensed in your state because there are federal and state securities laws and the attorney should be familiar with your local regs.  As a securities lawyer, we are already familiar with Reg A financing and other types of structuring finance transactions, but the changes from the JOBS Act are yet to be seen and will involve securities laws (which is primarily what the JOBS Act include) and rules from the SEC.

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